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About Us

How it all started...

The Paint Brush Cover is a product that was developed by Painter’s, for Painter’s. It was also designed with the Do-it-Yourselfer’s needs in mind. Our team of Developers have a combined 50+ years in the Painting Industry. Over the years, there has always been one problem that frustrated us most. We would buy top of the line, expensive brushes, but there was no simple way to protect them and make them last. No matter how hard we tried, our brushes would always wind up misshapen and damaged. We all felt as if we were just tossing money into a fire.

After speaking to hundreds of fellow painter’s and homeowners, we came to the conclusion that there was absolutely no real solution to this problem. One day we all decided that enough was enough. If one of the large brush companies wasn’t going to provide us with a solution, then we would just have to do it ourselves! After testing numerous prototypes and getting tons of feedback from fellow painters, we have developed a superior product that will solve every painter’s biggest problem, protecting your brush!

We also built in an added convenience by designing it with an airtight seal. This allows for you to take breaks without having to wash your brush or scramble around the house for plastic bags and saran wrap. We also designed it so that one size fits most brushes. There’s no need to buy different size covers for different size brushes. It can’t get much more convenient than that!

As you can see, we developed the Paint Brush Cover with YOUR needs in mind. Our cover will Satisfy the need of every painter, from the professional to the Do-it-Yourself homeowner. Satisfaction Guaranteed!