The Paint Bucket Guard Kit With Utility Lid - 3.5 Gallon - New!!

Bucket Kit Includes:
    • 3.5 Gallon Paint Bucket with Utility Lid (Unique, clear bucket design with utility lid that holds 3 brushes 2"-4" in size, stores paint, roller and brushes while keeping them fresh and ready to paint)
    • 1 Angled Paint Brush Cover (Keeps your brush wet between coats)
    • 1 Roller Cover (Keeps your roller wet between coats)
    • 1 Heavy Duty Roller Frame with Sleeve
    • 1 Likwid High Quality Paint Brush (Beats the rest for much less; made by Proform Technologies, makers of the Picasso line of brushes)
    • 1 Package of 2 Light Switches & 3 Outlet Covers (Never paint over your light switches or outlets again)
    • 1 Paint Brush Light (Great for painting in closets, behind furniture, cut work and areas with shadows)
    • 1 Drip Clip (No more bent bristles!  Now you can hang your brush after cleaning and easily avoid damage to your brush)
    • 1 Spindle Painting Cover (The Spindle Painting Cover was designed to protect your carpet and make painting your spindles easier and cleaner)
    • 1 Top Caulk (Create a clean smooth line every time with Top Caulk!  Never spread caulk with your fingers again)
    • Bucket size: 12.5" L X 12.5" W X 10.5" H

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