The Paint Roller Cover ™

Keeps your roller wet and ready between coats - without washup

The Paint Roller Cover™ storage and protection device was not featured on “Shark Tank” but it was shown to the Sharks behind the scenes to help influence their decision. They knew we had a business and not just a hobby. The Paint Roller Cover™ storage and protection device has all the great features of The Paint Brush Cover™ storage and protection. Airtight seal. Durable plastic. Keeps your rollers wet for hours, days, even weeks, without fear of drying up. The unique design allows you to place the cover right over the roller handle. No need to take the sleeve off, which defeats the purpose of a quick and easy clean up. Just snap it over the handle and your done. Fits any size roller up to 9 ½”.

 No need for Saran Wrap or Plastic bags (Both Harmful to the Environment)! Not only are the covers earth friendly, but they are much more effective and not as sloppy or frustrating. Also no need for the cheap cardboard that brushes come with. Store your clean brushes/rollers with no worries!

Works in a snap!

  • Roll off excess paint
  • Snap tightly closed
  • Keep level on protected surface to prevent spills
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